Our History as JCI Zimbabwe
• 1943 – Salisbury Jaycees established as Junior Chamber of Commerce
• 1963 – Association of Junior Chambers of Central Africa – only 2 Chapters in Southern Rhodesia – Salisbury and Bulawayo
• 1966/67 – New Chapter formed in Umtali
• 1967 – Rhodesia Jaycees formed and Provisional Affiliation to JCI obtained at JCI World Congress in Toronto. National President Sen Martin Harrison.
• 1968 – Full Affiliation to JCI at JCI World Congress in Mar del Plata, Argentina. National President Sen Derek Donnelly
• 1969 – Senator John Martin Harrison becomes the first Senator for JCI Rhodesia
The Dunlop Safety Sam Traffic Training Centre
• In 1973/4 Salisbury Jaycees designed and constructed the Dunlop Safety Sam Traffic Training Centre in Mount Pleasant.
• The Project Chairman was Bill Hamer-Nel.
• This project won a JCI World Award at the 1974 JCI World Congress.
The First Street Mall
• In 1971 Sen Rob Cobban of Salisbury Jaycees, who was a well-known architect, prepared a proposal to convert First Street into a pedestrian mall.
• The proposal was submitted by Salisbury Jaycees to the City Council.
• The City Council took no action at the time. When a decision was made several years later by the Council to convert First Street into a pedestrian mall, the design used was basically that submitted by Salisbury Jaycees in 1971. However, Salisbury Jaycees received no credit for the idea or proposal.
Active members
Projects executed
Our very own


  1. Senator Mark Oxley, 1980 JCI Executive Vice President
  2. Senator Geoff Chikonyora, 1999 JCI Vice President
  3. Senator Shingai Rukwata Ndoro, 2010 JCI Vice President
  4. Senator Victor Marawu, 2011 JCI Vice President
  5. Senator Samuel Moyo, 2012 JCI Vice President
  6. Senator Itai A. G. Manyere, 2015 JCI Vice President, 2018 JCI Executive Vice President, 2020 JCI World President
  7. Senator Mathew Mutavayi, 2017 JCI Vice President


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